Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019. In 2018, trends like activism, augmented reality, and everything ultraviolet defined design. It was a great year, but we’re ready for what’s next. Here are our top most impactful graphic design trends of 2019.

Realism and Flat design

Opposites do attract, and when they do, you open up a world with true dimension. The combination of flat and real-life objects will challenge the way we see design.

The chaotic mix of solids will take on a futuristic feel, as they often appear 3D. Flying and floating elements will add to this effect and the overall abstract aesthetic.

Project: Puma sneaker shop. | Author: Anton Mikhaltsov
Project: Adidas – Online Store | Author: Luke Pachytel
Project: Fish UI | Author: Vladimir Biondic

This look has made an early debut in fashion and editorial photography, which often combine digital 3D objects with traditional photo shoots. Expect to see this technique expand to mainstream advertising.


As pop culture pushes for authenticity and transparency, designers will have to get real, too. The resulting shift in illustration style celebrates the imperfections in art. We’ll see more projects that feature freestyle doodles, stains of color, unique brush strokes, and organic textures.The eclectic shift will push designers away from rigid, grid-based layouts and toward a more asymmetrical approach. Doing so will create a feeling of raw, kinetic movement.

This change in style doesn’t mean you’re confined to producing projects on paper. Your unique hand-drawn designs can be taken into the digital world using products like Adobe Capture, or can be created completely digitally with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Try creating your own brushes from your designs or from the objects you see in the world around you.

Author: Marion Ben-Lisa – Project: FÊTE DE TROP
Author: Cristian Malagón Garcia – Project: Flora |
Author: Slava Kornilov – Project: FRASH Canada

This trend in alternative art will touch every area of graphic design. We’re already seeing it featured in packaging design, and the results are stunning.

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